■活動を始めたきっかけ    Why did we start our activity? 




While I was working at a private swimming club, the club refused to enroll (accept?) a boy with cerebral palsy because of his disability. Later I started tutoring the disabled kid at a public pool during vacation as I simply couldn’t abandon him.

The story spread quickly and many children with disabilities applied to join us. For that reason, we established swimming classes for individuals with disabilities.





■現在までの活動    Our activities











At the beginning (23 years ago), the understanding for disabilities wasn’t so advanced, so there used to be complaints frequently coming from the pool users and staff at the facility.

Each time, we would appeal for their comprehension and understanding about disabilities and in hopes for people to enjoy sports together regardless of disabilities.

Seeing kids’ enjoying the activity with happy smiles brings happiness to those around them, which also encourages me. We believe that by seeing how we accept and overcome their disability and their devotion to practicing a sport, a lot of people around will be encouraged. We keep that in mind as we teach them with equal strictness as we would teach healthy individuals.

We listen to the parent’s concerns, get close to them, and sometimes strictly give guidance about parenting. We also visit the individual child’s doctor in order to deepen our understanding about the characteristics and differences of the disabilities. Faithfully believing in 「not giving up on the possibility」, we have established teaching methods according to different needs.

It has been demonstrated in many cases that students who could not stand, became able to stand and walk.
In recent years, it is especially noteworthy that underwater activities are suitable and effective for rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities. This has attracted the attention of University professors, physical therapists, physicians and other professionals who have visited and experienced it as medical sports.

Sports for disabled are hard to be eligible for subsidies, and in reality people have to rely on their own budget.

Also, depending on the disability activities at the municipal (public) pools can be difficult because of the environment and we have been seeking for a new and appropriate environment for the past 20 years.






●LENの願い  Our aim


子供を授かった時 誰もが「無事に生まれてきますように。」と願います。


また 生きていく過程でも障害のある身体になりたいと望む人もいないでしょう。


しかし人間が人間である限り 障害のある子供が生まれてくることは無くなりません。

また 生きていく過程でも 事故、病気、加齢により障害のある身体になる人が無くなることもないでしょう。


障害のある子供が生まれたら 母親のせいですか?

事故に合ったり災害に巻き込まれたり 病気になり障害のある身体になったら 本人のせいですか?





障害とは 今の社会の中で社会生活をするのに不都合が有ることを意味します。


どんな障害が有ろうとも、社会が受け入れる環境と人々の柔軟な心があれば 笑顔がそこに生まれるのではないでしょうか。


When gifted with a pregnancy, everybody praises to give birth to a child safely.

Nobody praises to have a disabled baby, right?

And, nobody wishes to become disabled during a lifetime, right?

However, as long as we are human beings, births of disabled children will not go away.

Likewise, during our lifetime, we could not avoid accidents, sickness, and aging that could make our body disabled, either.

Is it the mother’s fault for giving birth to a disabled child?

Is it the person’s fault for being involved in an accident and becoming disabled?

Why does the mother have to shed tears and thought she would just die with her child?

What is a disability in the first place?

Disability means when someone has some kind of social inconveniences in in the society.

Disability does not belong to the person, but something that exists on the side of the society.

We think that when a family or the person himself struggle with sad episodes or bitter experiences, it is not due to the disabled person himself or his family, rather it is due to the barriers toward disabilities that exist in the society.

Regardless of the type of disability, happiness will be there if the society provides an accepting environment with open-minded people.



本当に豊かな人生とは 何なのでしょう?


私は 障害の有る無しにかかわらず「自分のできる事にベストを尽くす。そのことで誰かが笑顔になってくれる。」お互いの心に「ありがとう」の言葉がにじみ出「生きている自分の存在が認めあえる社会」こそが 生きる喜びを感じ「産まれてきてよかった 生きてきてよかった」と豊かな心で一生を終えることが出来ると考えます。


今の社会ではまだまだ 「障害のある方は別の場所で」の風潮が有ります。

日常 当たり前に 自分の生活環境の中で触れ合うことがなくて、お互いが理解し合えることは難しいと思います。「同じ目的で頑張る姿を認め合える。」それを成し遂げる施設がLENでありたいと願います。


残念なことに 今の政府の補助金制度は障害者のみの施設が対象になり LENのように健常者と共に活動する施設には出ません。





でも きっとLENで お互いを認め合う心をはぐくんでくれた子供たちが 次の社会を変えてくれると信じています。

「産まれてきてよかった 産んでくれてありがとう」「側にいてくれてありがとう」



私の思いに賛同していただける方がお見えになりましたら、ご自身の目的(健康増進・疲労回復・ダイエット・アンチエイジング等)を持ち ぜひ会員になってLENで楽しんで下さい。






What is really a rich life?

Regardless of whether you have a disability, a rich life means to try to do your very best wherever you can and to make people happy.

When people can be thankful for one another and have their existence recognized and respected in the society, they can feel and appreciate the pleasure of living and live their life with a rich spirit.

Our society still has the tendency to think like “There is another place for disabled individuals”.

In our daily life, it is difficult to accept and understand each another without any interactions and our aim at LEN, is to work hard to accomplish the purpose of having people acknowledge one another who are working hard with the same purpose (sports).

Unfortunately, the current government subsidy system only covers facilities for disabled individuals and not for ones that accommodate both the disabled and non-disabled, like LEN.

For the construction and capital investment of LEN, 350 million yen will be financed from the bank and we plan to repay that over 30 years.

But for sure at LEN, children who learn empathy together will mutually accept each other and being nurtured throughout, which I believe is something that will change our future society.

One day, our society will be filled with words of appreciation: “It was good to be born, thank you for giving birth to me “; “Thank you for being by my side”.

If you share the same thoughts as mine and would like to join us with whatever goal of yours (to improve your health, fatigue recovery, diet, anti-aging, among others), please come visit have fun at LEN.

By becoming a member of LEN, our circle of happiness will be a lot wider and that will encourage us to continue.

Corporate Membership is also available.


■氏名  Name

伊藤 裕子  Itoh Yuko


■生年月日  Date of birth

昭和37年 4月22日    April 22nd, 1962



■職業  Career

有限会社 ぴゅあサポート 会社役員  Pure Support Co., Ltd.   Board member


■活動開始時期  Foundation

1992年 4月 1日  April 1st, 1992


■経歴・活動歴   History / Activity Record

1992年 民間スイミングクラブを退社し、障害のある子供たちのための水泳教室を開設。

Year 1992 – Left a private club to open a swimming class for disabled children


1997年 障害のある子供たちへの活動が認められ 「中日新聞教育賞」受賞

Year 1997 – Honored with “Chunichi Shinbun Education Award” in recognition for activities for

disabled children


2004年~現在 教え子がアテネ、北京、ロンドンパラリンピックに出場、世界新記録をマーク、メダル獲得、その他の教え子も国内外にて活躍。

From 2004 to the present

Trained a disciple who participated in the Athens, Beijing and London Paralympic Games, registering New World Records and winning many medals. Other of her students are active in National and overseas tournaments.


2013年 静岡新聞コラム「窓辺」執筆、13回連載

Publishing 13 columns

Year 2013 – Published 13 columns in Shizuoka Newspaper












営業時間:平日:9~22時 土曜・日曜・祝日:9~17時






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